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We've been at Ad Astra since the begining. We love the encouraging environment, it allows gymnasts of all levels to excel.
Nicole S.
Regional Athlete Parent
Ad Astra is run with a focus on giving each and every athlete exactly what they need and helping their gymnasts meet their personal and performance goals in a fun and friendly way. Head Coach Connie is a rhythmic legend and her leadership, organization, and exceptional kindness are evident to anyone who meets her. The entire staff of Ad Astra are strong, determined, and caring women, who make athletes dreams a reality.
I have had the pleasure of experiencing all of the teams - competitive, performance, recreational - and have grown immensely as an athlete and a person thanks to the coaching team.
Ad Astra is truly my second home and the club had provided me with a way to continue my passion for RG into my adult life and I'm so grateful for them!
Sarah R
Regional, Performance and Novas Athlete
Ad Astra Athletic Academy is not just a place to do rhythmic gymnastics. Connie, Kelly, and all the Ad Astra coaches are fabulous and provide top quality rhythmic gymnastics trainig at all levels for sure. but their main focus is always the WHOLE ATHLETE, not just just the gymnast. They provide an atmosphere of teamwork, support, and growth where they help the athletes not only develop as rhythmic gymnasts but as people too. I am so grateful that my daughter has such a welcoming supportive place to do the sport she loves; she truly thinks of Ad Astra as her second home and her coaches and teammates as a second family.
Diana F.
Provincial and Cosmic stars Parent
Ad Astra Athletic Academy is an amazing Rhythmic Gymnastics Club! My daughter often says the club is her second home and loves her gym family, that's because of the knowledgeable, dedicated coaches and staff that create a supportive and safe environment for the athletes to reach their potential! I would recommend this club to any parent whose child is interested in Rhythmic Gymnastics. This beautiful sport fosters strength, confidence and creativity in children <3
Tracy C.
National Athlete Parent

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